What Do You Know About US Burglary Statistics

July 27th, 2022

If your home has never been the target of a burglary, you can consider yourself lucky. Millions of homes are broken into each year, including those in the Bismarck, ND area. All too often, residents and business owners of Bismarck, ND don’t consider investing in security until they become the target of a burglary, crime, or instance of fraud. This causes these individuals to have to work from behind to regain their trust in their property, to feel less vulnerable, and to make their businesses or their homes safe once again.

You can be proactive with your Bismarck, ND property, and it may take looking at some current United States burglary and crime statistics to inspire you to take the proactive steps necessary.

Eye-Opening Burglary Statistics You Should Know

It’s alarming how prevalent burglary is in the United States, and just how no area is truly safe from this type of crime. A few eye-opening burglary statistics to show you how important your security really is are: 

- Burglars don’t like security systems Burglars are on record admitting that they tend to skip over homes with security systems installed, but only roughly 17% of American homes have security systems installed. This gives burglars the “pick of the litter” when it comes to what homes they can ransack in any particular area.

- The average burglary lasts only 8 to 10 minutes Burglars want to get in, take what they want, and get out without being caught in the process. They know that if they stick around, they’re far more likely to run into homeowners, neighbors, or the authorities. This is a very short span of time, and even a short errand can put your home at risk.

- Most burglaries occur during the daytime While most think of burglaries as something done over the cover of darkness, it’s actually far more common to have your home broken into during the day. Burglars know that daytime burglaries are far more inconspicuous, and homeowners are more likely to be at work, school, or running errands leaving an empty house behind.

- Forced entry Nearly 95% of all burglaries occur through forced entry. This means picking a lock, breaking a window, or busting in a door in order to get inside. Installing alarms on windows and doors can be a big deterrent for burglars looking to break inside.

How Security Systems Can Help

Security systems work to protect your home or business from the inside out, and they can protect you from the very real crime statistics that surround American homes today. Your home should be your place to find peace of mind, your business should be your path to success, and burglaries throw a difficult wrench in both of these goals. With the right security in place on your property, burglars are told to pass on by, giving you that sense of safety you need from any sort of area property. If you’re considering a security system for your property, contact us to learn more today.