Types of Burglar Alarm

October 31st, 2023

There are a lot of available burglar alarms in Bismarck, ND, but all of them have the same basic design which includes the main control, the switch, sensor, and the sound system. As society becomes more and more complex, so were the criminals. These scrupulous people are becoming sophisticated in their deeds; therefore, the need for more reliable alarm systems arises.

An effective alarm system must be accessible for the people who purchased and installed it but stealthily concealed enough from criminal elements to avoid. It should also be strategically located so as to cover the maximum and sensitive areas in a home or building. And the alarm system must have the ability to communicate immediately to the nearest authorities when it is activated.

You can choose from different types of burglar alarm systems that you think works best for your needs. There are two categories of alarm, the hard-wired and the wireless type. The hard-wired are those that are connected directly into the landline phone system. The wireless system, though it uses the telephone line, is more portable and can be used to a different home when needed because it commonly uses the cellular network, but it is independent of the network service provider.

Below are the common types of burglar alarm:

There is the magnetic operating system which is basically an alarm unit that has an electric current producing an electromagnetic connection. The alarm is activated once the current is disturbed or cut off. It is commonly used around doors and windows.

You can also use the high-frequency alarm system. This type of burglar detection is activated or triggered by shock waves produced by any forceful entry into the house. You could say that it is a form of the motion detector.

Another kind of motion detector is the infrared-based detection system. You could use this when there is no one in the house. It detects the infrared spectrum radiating from the body heat of an individual. And infrared can be detected even if one is hiding behind a glass.

For a more sophisticated touch, why not install a security camera? Nowadays, security cameras are becoming affordable and compact. They can be wireless or hard-wired too. Though crimes cannot be prevented sometimes it is the ability to record the events and knowing the perpetrators are important in crime detection and prevention. If you have a large business establishment or home, this system can work best.

There is also an alarm system that uses biometrics. This is best for those who wanted to limit access to a particular area of a building or house for security and confidential reasons. You could say that this is more of a high tech approach to security. The idea is to dissuade any individual to gain access to a place not unless his or her fingerprint is on file or if they have permission from the owner. You would see installed more often on office buildings but can be also installed in homes.

Choosing from these types of burglar alarm units always depends on what you want from a burglar alarm system. You just need to determine which of these conforms to your present needs in terms of burglar detection and prevention. But still, being prepared is still the best alarm system one can have.