The Truth On Hidden Security Cameras and Their Benefits

March 13th, 2020

Investing in the further security of the insides of your Bismarck home is always a good idea, since you never know when disaster might strike, whether it be in the form of a man-made or natural hazard. Keeping watch on your home via a video surveillance system is one such way of ensuring your house and its occupants are kept safe and sound. A way to take this a step even further is to implement it in the form of hidden security cameras that are scattered around the home in places where they can be obscured. While this might be seen as an invasion of privacy, it is nonetheless primarily a cautionary procedure to minimize the chances that things go awry in your home, and here are a few reasons why this is a good thing for you and your family.


Keep An Eye on Potential Cases of Abuse

Abuse, whether against a child or the elderly, is no laughing matter. Studies have shown an alarming rise in cases of caregivers abusing children in particular, or neglecting their duties as a caretaker, with some correlation being found among these cases and substance abuse, specifically alcohol. Often, cases like these will immediately be denied by the perpetrator, and likely occur while you’re not around. It’s also dangerous to take a kid’s word, since they may be exaggerating details, hence, it’s best to have video evidence to look back on. Obscuring your security measures ensures that the caretaker is likelier to act natural, since they’re not thinking at the back of their head that they’re being watched.


Catch Criminals Red-Handed

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. Statistics show that households that don’t have security systems in place are, in fact, much more likely to be burglarized. They estimate that homes without security systems are about 300% more at-risk than homes that do have one. That being said, a hidden security system may not have that kind of visual impact on potential burglars, but they’re also less likely to be tampered with by intruders because they’re harder to spot, so on the off-chance that you do have an intruder brave enough to step into your  Bismarck, ((blog.state) home, you have visual evidence to show their guilt.


Take Note Of Your Babysitter’s Performance

Related to the first point above, track your babysitter’s performance in a natural setting with a hidden camera. If they’re doing good things, identify them and apply them to your handling of your kid as well. If they’re doing bad, or questionable things, pull them aside and discuss how they can do better. This way, both you and your sitter are able to communicate with each other on how to better handle these caretaking responsibilities within the confines of your home.


If you’re ready to have a security camera system installed, or want to discuss further security options for your Bismarck, ND home, give A West Security a call, or an email. With A West Security, ensure that you can monitor your home or your business from wherever you might be.