Security Measures That All Schools Should Be Taking

September 19th, 2022

Campus security has become a hot topic over the last decade or so. One reason why is because of the many school shootings that have taken place. According to an article published on, at least 177 schools have experienced a shooting in the United States since 2009. Unfortunately, researchers, government officials, parents, and teachers alike, including those right here in Bismarck, have yet to find an adequate solution to prevent the events.

Some administrations have dabbled with the idea of arming instructors. Others have beefed up the number of officers on the payroll. Meanwhile, many establishments have looked to technology to help protect students, school officials, and guests. One thing is for sure, though, because safety and well-being are the primary topics of concern; sitting back and doing nothing is not an option.

This post is going to focus on some of the security tools that campuses have at their disposal. The pros of each of them are going to be discussed thoroughly. Therefore, curious Bismarck citizens should stay put as there is much to learn.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Mounting cameras outside, overlooking the main entrance, street, and parking lot can help monitors spot a person's suspicious behavior before they enter the school. For instance, if he or she is wearing a long trench coat with what appears to be the barrel of an assault rifle hanging out from underneath it, the representative can order the campus to be placed on lockdown and contact the police to get them on the scene promptly. Hopefully, it is nothing more than a false alarm, but if it is an active shooter, officers will be able to diffuse the situation. 

Security Cameras Can Be Useful For Other Things Too

Drugs, bullying, and violence are nothing new in America's school systems. Students have been dealing with these issues for what seems like as long as anyone can remember. It is hard enough for teachers to see what is happening in their overcrowded classes, let alone the hallways or cafeterias. The latter two options are where drug deals, fights, and bullying usually take place. However, with top-notch indoor cameras installed, monitors can see misbehavior as it begins to unfold and spring the security team into action to nip the event in the bud. 

Then, if need be, the footage can be used as evidence to justify any disciplinary actions that need to be handed out. Having the proof on hand is a sure-fire way to prevent he said/she said types of arguments from arising. So, Bismarck administrations should consider using surveillance cameras to create a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. 

This And That About Access Control

There are different types of access control systems. Some combine key cards and swipers while others use number pads and PINs. Many schools opt for units that are operated manually. The entrance to the school remains locked throughout the day. Anyone that wants to come inside must push a button on a device with a camera, speaker, and microphone. If everything checks out, the campus official will press a button that releases the lock and grants the individual access. These systems are a big draw as they prevent just anyone from walking in off the streets.

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