Correct and Incorrect Usage of Dummy Security Cameras

February 26th, 2024

Most organizations in Bismarck, ND prefer cutting down expenses wherever it is possible, but cutting security budget is something everyone must avoid. Some companies use fake or dummy security camera in order to reduce cost, but it is not an efficient way to secure the business. There are a place and time for everything and for dummy or fake security cameras, the same rule applies.

A tale of warning and proper usage

So, for what purpose dummy security cameras are used in Bismarck, ND? The most important purpose of dummy camera is to prevent people from committing a crime and discourage them from doing so. People who have the intention of stealing something gives a second thought if they see that there is a camera placed which is recording everything. However, since dummy cameras are indistinguishable from real security cameras, nobody can tell the difference just by looking at it. So, dummy security camera acts as a deterrent tool and is relatively easy and cheap to install, unlike the real ones. Dummy security camera is an effective deterrent method but in case there is a real robbery or theft, dummy cameras are ineffective in identifying and proving the criminals.

Dummy cameras are useful for reducing crime like theft and dacoity, it is not always a clever idea. Although dummy cameras look and feel like the real one, some criminals are experienced enough to spot the difference between the real one and a fake one. However, if someone is completely determined to rob a business in Bismarck, ND, even a real security camera won't stop them.

If your (( business or shop is located in an area that has a high crime rate, we suggest that you go for a real security camera, the one that actually records everything. You can also integrate real security cameras with the fake ones but if you do so, there are chances that a good criminal will know the difference.


When purchasing a dummy security camera, always go for the one which looks like a real one and blends in with the style of your building in Bismarck, ND. Making the device look like a regular office equipment is useful if you don't want people to find out that it is fake. If you have real cameras already installed, buy dummy cameras which look similar to the real ones. Dummy cameras is an effective way to demotivate robbers and burglars but the protection given by the camera is very small. However, having a couple of fake cameras is any day better than not having one at all.